Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees

Join thousands of business owners who have completely eliminated credit card processing fees by switching to the cash discount program.


Get a countertop terminal completely free of charge when you switch your processing over to our Cash Discount Program. Restrictions apply. Contact us for details. 

Stop paying processing fees!

Let your customers pay the way they want without impacting your profit margins!


What is the Cash Discount Program?

Businesses lose a significant amount of their revenue when accepting credit card payments. The cash discount program is a credit card processing solution that allows businesses to enjoy the same profit margins for all items sold by passing the cost of acceptance back to the customers who pay with a credit card. 

Instead of your business paying the processing fees, your customers are given a choice to pay with cash and save or incur the cost of acceptance themselves.


Benefits of the Cash Discount Program

  • Say goodbye to merchant processing fees. That's correct, you'll never pay merchant processing fees again. What's more, your monthly statement will read $0, which means no more surprising line items and hidden fees.
  • Switching is easy! We provide you with everything you need to get up and running, including the signage that is required by law, free of charge. Also, our intuitive, cloud-based POS system is a breeze to set up.
  • Accept all major credit cards. We use a patented technology that is compliant with all the major credit card brand rules, so you can continue to accept all the same payment types as you currently do. 
  • ​Free POS system. Based on your monthly processing volume, the software and hardware terminals designed to work with the cash discount program are available for your business at no cost.
  • Easy to understand and use. The cash discount program is easy for employees and customers alike to understand. We use a patented software automatically determines all discounts and actions based on payment type.
  • Improve your bottom line. The average small-to-medium sized business saves around a thousand dollars each month. Improve your net earnings and enjoy the same profit margins for all items sold, regardless of the payment method.

Switch to Save

Switching your processing over to our Cash Discount Program is incredibly simple.


1. Submit your application

Applying for the Cash Discount Program is easy. In addition to completing a simple form, we'll need copies of your current processing statements. 


2. Upgrade your POS System  

We offer elegant hardware options that can be offered to you at no cost, and our cloud-based software is designed to work with the Cash Discount Program.


3. Post program signage  

We’ll provide you with the signage to post at your point of entry and the point of sale. This is required to be compliant with the card brand rules.

Ready to Start Saving?

Contact us to learn more about making the switch. No credit card processing fees. No obligation. No reason not to!

Eliminate processing fees